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Tools & Accessories

We supply tools and accessories not only fitting to the WOMAtec machines and units, but also for your existing systems from other manufacturers. WOMAtec guarantees you the processing of high-quality materials in the best quality.

We deliver, among others:

  • trimming devices for synthetic filaments and natural fibers
  • special trimming devices for abrasive filaments
  • special trimming devices for wire
  • flagging knifes
  • complete filling tools for existing machines of all makes
  • individually manufactured spare parts according to original sample

Ask. We are providing an attractive offer to you.

  1. Flagging knifes. Fitting to Zahoransky or Borghi systems.
  2. Clipper trimming blades. From roughly to fine serrated - individually designed for various materials. Fitting to Zahoransky, Ebser, Schlesinger, Borghi, Josef Baer, MBK etc. We are glad to regrind your blades as well.
  3. Rotating cutters. For our strip brush machines. Available are standard cutters but also special cutters for abrasive materials and for wire.

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About us

Our company

WOMAtec Maschinenbau GmbH was created in 2015 from the used machine trade WOMA. Company founder Daniel Koehler has been trading since 2008 with used machines for woodworking and the brush industry. At first only machines are bought and sold again. Focused on the international market right from the start, the company is rapidly becoming an established service provider in the field of machine overhaul, repair and spare parts. It was only a small step to new machine construction.

Fascinated by the solid functionality of old machines, Daniel Koehler picks up proven technologies at WOMAtec Maschinenbau GmbH and develops them further for modern production operations...

About us


Worldwide in Use.


WOMAtec machines come in use not only in Germany and Europe. Thanks to their ease of use, a high proportion of standard components and the largely avoidance of fault-prone electronic components, WOMAtec systems meanwhile operate in countries such as India, Indonesia, Canada, South America and the USA.


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"You should be proud...

...of the machines you are building. This machine is world class. No one in the world makes a better machine. We have been in the brush industry for 40 years, and have never seen a machine as nice as this."

Brian M. Chaltry & Bob Duffrin, CMB Mfg LLC, Michigan / USA
- WOMAtec Strip Brush Machine SSB 1.0 -


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