Hopper Feeder

The operator inserts the wooden boards pre-planed to the finished height into the stacking magazine. The feeder pushes the board exactly into the middle of the clamp. To increase capacity, the feeder can be switched to batch processing, so you can get two or more boards loaded into the clamping station all at once and processed here by the milling cutters.

Clamping Wagon and Linear Guide

The workpiece is clamped in a transport wagon and moved along the milling cutters via the linear guide. The template is scanned under the workpiece on both sides and copied independently by the milling cutters. So not only symmetrical but also asymmetrical shapes are possible. Due to the continuous operation, the LINEAR 2.0 has a high production output.

Milling Devices

Two powerful drives bring the cutters to about 9,000 revolutions. On request, higher speeds are possible.

The two milling cutters shape the individual contour of the workpiece by pneumatic moving it in and out of the template. Depending on which profile or radius the outer edge should have, the cutters are manufactured with the appropriately profiled knives. In most cases, it is possible to use cutters with interchangeable plates, so that the tool costs can be significantly reduced. According to requirements you can use both or only one tool. In addition, with the installation of another pair of milling cutters, it is also possible to realize special designs or attach two different radii in one operation.

The milling devices are easily adjustable in height, so that a certain tolerance range is covered. The mechanically adjustable tool compensation guarantees a consistently good milling pattern even after sharpening the cutters.


The basic version of the LINEAR 2.0 is equipped with a template control. The machine processes are managed by a Beckhoff PLC. Operation is via switches and a simple display. If required, the speed of the milling motors can be continuously regulated via frequency converters.

A CNC control is of course also optionally available. Here the milling units and the hopper feeder are controlled by servo drives. The milling contour is entered via teach-in or conveniently by CAD file. Thanks to the CNC control, it is no longer necessary to change templates.

Based on Beckhoff components, the WOMAtec control guarantees maximum ease of use, a long service life and easy spare parts availability.


The finished shaped workpiece is pushed back into a slide by inserting the new board from into clamping. Here, e.g. a conveyor belt for removal are tied.

Dust Exhaustion

Depending on the milling pattern, it can lead to high chip removal, which should absolutely be removed from the machine interior. For this purpose, at the critical points sufficiently large openings are present, the tubes are merged on the top of the machine for connection to an external stationary or central exhaust. In addition, the housing protects against excessive dust and noise in operator's working area.

Safety Housing

The complete upper part of the machine is covered by a large protective hood whose doors are secured with safety switches. These are integrated in the safety chain of the machine control.

Machine Frame

Thanks to its compact design, the entire system only needs an area of ​​about 2.00 x 1.50 meters. On the stable, welded frame is mounted the solid base plate with milling units and guide for the clamping wagon. Everything on board - electrics and pneumatics are located in the lower part of the machine. Everything on board - electric and pneumatic installations sit in the lower part of the machine. Powder-coated cover panels protect the interior from dirt and ensure a clean look.

Wood Copying Shapers

The WOMAtec "LINEAR 2.0 CNC" automatic copying shaper has been designed for the efficient production of contour shaping parts such as paintbrush handles, knife handles or brush and broom blocks. From design to programming to production, WOMAtec realizes everything in-house. Thanks to the sophisticated machine concept and the solid and high-quality construction, you get a machine that is characterized by:

  • an excellent milling image
  • easy operation and maintenance
  • reliability and longevity
  • high productivity and flexibility
  • low noise and dust emission
  • high proportion of standard parts and thus
  • easy access to wear and spare parts
  1. Workpiece. Maximum 400 x 150 x 60 mm.
  2. Capacity. About 7 to 15 seconds per milling process - depending on the size and shape of the workpiece.
  3. Changeover time. Depending on the workpiece, 15 to 45 minutes with adjustment of the magazine, replacement of the clamping supports and milling cutters.
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WOMAtec Maschinenbau GmbH was created in 2015 from the used machine trade WOMA. Company founder Daniel Koehler has been trading since 2008 with used machines for woodworking and the brush industry. At first only machines are bought and sold again. Focused on the international market right from the start, the company is rapidly becoming an established service provider in the field of machine overhaul, repair and spare parts. It was only a small step to new machine construction.

Fascinated by the solid functionality of old machines, Daniel Koehler picks up proven technologies at WOMAtec Maschinenbau GmbH and develops them further for modern production operations...

About us


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WOMAtec machines come in use not only in Germany and Europe. Thanks to their ease of use, a high proportion of standard components and the largely avoidance of fault-prone electronic components, WOMAtec systems meanwhile operate in countries such as India, Indonesia, Canada, South America and the USA.


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...of the machines you are building. This machine is world class. No one in the world makes a better machine. We have been in the brush industry for 40 years, and have never seen a machine as nice as this."

Brian M. Chaltry & Bob Duffrin, CMB Mfg LLC, Michigan / USA
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